Could a Forgotten Longevity Vitamin Inside This Rare Mushroom Be the Key To an “Age-Proof” Brain?

What if the key to unlocking a razor-sharp
memory could be found inside this single
edible mushroom?

Now I’m not talking about anything psychedelic…
and this mushroom definitely won’t “get you high”…


I’m talking about a mushroom that’s been eaten in a select few traditional cuisines around the world - especially in Asia - for centuries…

And now Penn State University and Cambridge University have just proven that this innocent looking mushroom contains one of the most important nutrients ever known to humans…

A rare and unique “Longevity Vitamin” that’s loaded with more brain-protecting antioxidants than either Glutathione or Vitamin C…

And it’s a vitamin that, tragically, has been disappearing from Americans’ diets at a RAPID pace…

Due to Big Agriculture and industrial farming.


So you probably won’t find this mushroom, or the powerful vitamin it contains, in your local grocery store or farmers market…

That’s a huge problem!

Because in another landmark study…

These same Penn State scientists just confirmed that when this Longevity Vitamin vanishes from our diets and our bodies…

Our memories can begin to vanish right alongside it…

And this is ESPECIALLY true for those in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond…

Which is why, if you or a loved one has been struggling with their memory over the past few months or years…

And regardless of whether those issues are mild, or becoming increasingly severe…

It is URGENT that you continue reading right now, because…

In just a few moments…

Not only will I REVEAL What The Hidden "Longevity Vitamin" Found Inside This Mushroom Is…

I’ll also share a simple and easy way to get it back into your diet IMMEDIATELY…

WITHOUT the need to start buying organic foods from the store…

WITHOUT the need to take any new pills or powders…

And even if you HATE the taste or texture of mushrooms.

Replenishing your body’s stores of this crucial, memory-supporting longevity vitamin couldn’t be simpler.

All you need to do is follow an easy 30 second breakfast ritual each morning - which I’ll share here…

And if you do that…

It could make the difference between a declining, slowing brain…

Or another 5…10…15…or even 20+ years of crystal clear memory and focus.

And really think about what that means:

Instead of those embarrassing “senior moments”…

Instead of spending days with your brain feeling like it’s in and out of a fog…

Instead of worrying whether you’ll lose your independence at some point in the future…because your brain’s slowed down to the point where your family doesn’t even trust you to do simple things like turn off the stove or drive your car…

What if you could spend each day feeling as lucid, focused, and connected as you did when you were 35 years old?

Or even better…

What if you could start running mental circles around the Gen Zers and Millennials who are at least half your age, if not even younger…

And what if you could feel almost as though you were winding back the very hands of time itself?

I know, that’s a lot…

And if you’re feeling skeptical, I get it…

Because up until recently I would have said that all sounded too good to be true too….

And I would have been asking “what’s the catch?”

Today though, everything’s changed…

Because the research I’m about to share is just so strikingly conclusive.


It turns out, our bodies were literally MADE for this Longevity Vitamin…

To the point where we have receptors inside our body whose sole job is to absorb and transport this nutrient to our brains (more on that in a moment).

So right now, your mind is physically STARVING for this one nutrient…

It’s craving it… Begging you for it…

And yet I guarantee you, this isn’t anything you’ve ever heard of before…

Because it’s not any type of Vitamins B, D, E, C, or A…

And it’s not magnesium, or calcium, or zinc, iron, or probiotics either…

Which is why I’m nearly certain that you’re not getting enough of this forgotten longevity vitamin in your diet right now…because you won’t find it on the shelves of any stores…

And this is also why I’m so confident that once you start using this 30 Second Breakfast Ritual I’ll share with you in just a moment (keep reading)…

It could immediately feel like you’ve flipped on a powerful light switch inside of your mind…

So that, for the first time in AGES… you begin to once again experience the world in crystal clear, vibrant focus…

The way it’s SUPPOSED to be…

And the best part is – this longevity vitamin doesn’t just illuminate the dark corners of your brain either…

It GOES TO WORK clearing out those mental cobwebs too…

Leaving you feeling alert, alive, and awake.

So with that being said, let’s go ahead and get started…

Because I know that the simple and easy to understand information I’m about to share could forever CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This information Will forever


Hi, I’m Patrick, a health and wellness
researcher based out of Upstate New York.

And I want to ask you a question:

Have you ever had a moment where you feel like your “mind” is giving up on you…

Where you feel “foggy” and sluggish…

Like you just can’t retain information the way you used to?

If so, then you know how scary that can be…

And the same goes for those of you who have a friend, a spouse, or another loved one who is experiencing these things too.

Well unfortunately, for so long,
there just haven’t been any real solutions out there.

I mean you could do brain puzzles or some “smart app.”

But even though they’re fun, they’re not really all that helpful — something that’s been proven by countless studies.

Then you could try all the “memory supplements” you see on TV with the fancy graphs and “miracle proteins…”

But between the million dollar lawsuits…

The FDA scandals…

And even top lawmakers describing them as “predatory” or “snake oil…”

It’s clear to see that most “memory supplements” (even the most popular ones) are really no better than overpriced scams backed by paper-thin (and pretty deceptive) research.

In other words — they’re not enough.

They often do nothing for you…

And as a result…

For years, this is where we’ve found ourselves:

With no hope.

No direction.

And with nothing better than the “placebo effect” to preserve the most important organ in our entire bodies.

That is, until all of this new research surrounding this hidden “longevity vitamin” started pouring in.

That research changes everything…

And that’s what I can’t wait to share with you today.

Because it points the way to that remarkable “longevity vitamin” I mentioned earlier.

phone phone
mushrooms 2

Now this longevity
vitamin is called ERGO…

And the mushrooms that contain it are typically only found in a remote region of Asia.

Now here’s the weird thing…

Like I mentioned a few moments back…

Researchers have found that our bodies actually seem designed to transport ERGO through our bloodstream and to our brains.

As in, we have literal ERGO receptors attached to our cells.

So it’s weird, right?

Why would our bodies have a specific “transporter” HARDWIRED into our cells to absorb this random “mushroom compound” and then send it to our brains?

I mean think about it:

It’s basically the equivalent of finding a hidden “locked door” in the basement of your house…

And then finding this big skeleton key buried in a drawer of an old desk left over by the previous owners.

Wouldn’t you be DYING to know what’s behind that door?

To know who put it there?

And, more importantly, why?

image 1

Well, that’s exactly how scientists at Penn State University felt too when they discovered this ERGO transportation network…

And it kicked off a kind of mushroom “space-race” where, for years, teams of scientists DESPERATELY tried to crack the code behind what makes this longevity-vitamin compound that’s found in certain mushrooms so special.

And what they found was pretty shocking.

Because it soon became apparent that ERGO wasn’t just HARDWIRED to get absorbed into your cells…

… But that it could also be one of the most powerful compounds imaginable when it comes to your health, and especially when it comes to your brain.

For one, ERGO is able to cross the blood-brain barrier which means we have higher concentrations of it in our brain.

And two, a Japanese study found that subjects with age-related memory challenges had significantly lower levels of ERGO in their blood than those who didn’t.

In fact, when they tested over 434 different “compounds” to see which ones were lowest in people with these “brain problems…”

This longevity vitamin, ERGO, was one of just a handful that stood out.

Then (and pay attention to this one) a study from the National University of Singapore found that seniors who were “cognitively normal” had a 54% HIGHER concentration of ERGO than those who were “cognitively impaired.”

Think about that!

I mean how can you ignore such a clear connection like that?

It just seemed like no matter where you looked, ERGO was popping up everywhere (especially when it comes to brain health).

So scientists decided to dig
one layer deeper.

Specifically, they wanted to know just why “ERGO” was so powerful.

And, after years of intense investigation, they concluded that it’s because ERGO is one of the most potent antioxidants in the world.

In fact, scientists say it’s very similar to another antioxidant you might have heard of — “glutathione.” Now, “glutathione” is often considered the “Master Antioxidant” because of how powerful it is.

But scientists now actually think that ERGO might be even MORE potent.

That’s because, one, like I said, our bodies have a “built-in” transporter that sucks ERGO directly into our cells, so our bodies can absorb it better.

And two, unlike “glutathione,” ERGO has a unique chemical structure that makes it RESIST getting broken down by the process of oxidation.

Now, I know that’s a lot.

But here’s why that’s so important.

See, the “oxidation” process is the same process that makes a steel beam turn to rust or an apple turn brown after you cut it.

So “oxidation” can also “break down” or “rust” an antioxidant (like glutathione, for instance) before your body can even use it.

But, since ERGO has a unique chemical structure that makes it resistant to this “rust effect”…

Your body can actually use it FAR BETTER than glutathione.

image 3
image 4

THIS is why so many scientists think ERGO is one of THE most powerful compounds when it comes to brain health and memory…

And why they started nicknaming it “the longevity vitamin”…

Because it’s such a potent antioxidant, it can help “clean out” the brain.

This means it could clear out “neural waste” that’s built up over the years — which is the same kind of “sludge” that sits in our synapses and muddles our thoughts…

And it can help with the free-radicals that gather as we age too.

In fact, one study found that ERGO helped wipe away “brain gunk” in a group of mice by as much as 15% in just 6 weeks.

Which is incredible, right?

And this “brain supporting” effect had a PROFOUND impact on the memory of the mice as well.

When scientists tested those mice who DIDN’T receive ERGO, they found that they performed an astonishing 40% WORSE on a memory test than those mice who did.

But the benefits of ERGO don’t just stop there…

Because while animal studies are valuable, you’re probably wondering about its direct impact in humans.

Well one study looked at over 3,200 people and tested their blood for compounds that could predict a lower risk of heart challenges later…

Out of 112 metabolites, they found that the STRONGEST predictor of fewer heart problems was high levels of this ERGO compound.

Again, that’s out of 112 different compounds!

And then another study looked at 131 compounds in the blood of seniors and found that those seniors who were considered “frail” had significantly LOWER levels of ERGO than their “non-frail” peers.

Not only that, but those with lower levels of ERGO also had weaker brain function too.

Are you starting to see the trend?

It’s no wonder then that in 2020 a group of Penn State scientists even went so far as to call ERGO the "longevity vitamin."

I mean they even put it right in the title.

image 5

And it’s not like the authors behind this paper are just any old “hacks.”

These are some of the most respected scientists in their field, publishing in one of the prestigious journals in the science of health.

And they’re quoted as saying that more research is “IMMINENTLY needed to evaluate means to increase ERGO in the diet in order to improve our long-term health.”

Amazing right?

I mean there’s simply no way that you can look at all of the health benefits of ERGO…

From its profound effect on the brain and memory…

To its PROVEN connection to total health in the body…

To all of the things these top scientists are saying about it…

And NOT see that this “longevity vitamin” is CRUCIAL to the body (and especially the brain).

image 5

Which is why this next part I’m about to tell you is so shocking

Yes, ERGO is important to our overall health.

And yes, our bodies are LITERALLY designed to absorb it.

But, unfortunately, most of us don’t get NEARLY enough in our diet.

I mean just go back and look at the title of that last paper I showed you.

It’s literally titled, “Is ergothioneine a ‘longevity vitamin’ limited in the American diet?”

And in that paper, those Penn State scientists I mentioned earlier, lay out a crystal clear case that basically PROVES that, “yes, ERGO really IS limited in the Western diet.”

And they went so far as to say that the effects of this can be, quote, “insidious, cumulative, and not readily apparent but devastating just the same…”




Those are the words that these top-level scientists choose to describe the problem…

… So it should give you some sense of just how BAD it really is.

image 6

Ok, So What Causes Such Low Levels of ERGO?

Well one part of the issue is just due to old age. As we get older, studies have found that the ERGO in our body often continues to steadily go down and down.

That's Problem #1

Then there’s the fact that we don’t make ERGO in our own bodies…

We can’t get it from the animals we eat…
And we can’t get it from plants either.

No, the ONLY place we can get ERGO in a large amount is from a small and select group of “specialty mushrooms.”

So, if you’re someone who hates mushrooms, you’re definitely not getting enough ERGO.

But even if you DO like mushrooms, chances are you still have very low ERGO levels because you’re not eating the right kind of mushrooms.

Like I said, it’s only a small, select group of “specialty mushrooms” that have the highest levels of this stuff…

And since they only make up around 3-4% of the total mushroom supply, they’re almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in your local supermarkets.

That’s problem #2

Then there’s the fact that our food used to be SATURATED with ERGO, because vast “mushroom networks” used to grow beneath and around our crops…

Basically they would share this ERGO compound with all kinds of fruits and vegetables…

Then animals would come along, eat those crops, and get ERGO into their bodies.

Which means, in turn, that practically everything we USED to eat was utterly saturated with the stuff.

Unfortunately, all of that’s changed.

And that’s because modern agricultural practices have completely uprooted these “mushroom networks” from our fields, causing a kind of “agricultural blackout” and essentially STRIPPING our food of all this precious ERGO.

That’s “nail in the coffin” #3

And that’s why scientists say that most Americans only get a measly 1mg of ERGO in their diet per day.

To put that in perspective, that’s about enough to fit on the little torch part on the back of a dime.

Yeah — that's tiny.

Now to see exactly why this is such a big deal…



We can look at the ONE country outside of Asia where people are still getting a high percentage of ERGO in their diets…

Flag of Italy

And that’s Italy.

Due to their ancient agricultural practices that date back since the times of the Romans…

Studies have found that Italians eat roughly 500% MORE “ERGO” than us in their diet on average.

Is it any coincidence, then, that on average Italians suffer roughly HALF the amount of deaths from “neurological” problems than us?

… Or live longer on average?

I’m not saying there’s a direct connection - but in my mind this is pretty striking….

And while scientists can’t say “yes” for sure just yet…

This connection between high ERGO intake and overall health is SO SHOCKING that it definitely seems like there’s some kind of connection there.

I mean just take a look at this graph…

It shows a very CLEAR relationship between how much ERGO a population eats and their levels of memory struggles later in life.

Could that be a coincidence?


But scientists now think there’s something deeper going on here.


Okay, so what’s the solution to all this?

king trumpet

Should we all just start shoveling more mushrooms into our mouths?

Well, kind of.

I mean, it certainly won’t hurt to start adding more mushrooms into your diet if you can stand the taste.

Then there’s things like oats, kidney beans and chicken liver which all have trace amounts of this ERGO.

Unfortunately though, eating normal mushrooms you can find in the supermarket and chicken liver pate isn’t really the most effective solution.

That’s because, like I said, the HIGHEST concentration of ERGO is found in so-called “specialty mushrooms” like the King Trumpet, grown in remote, far-away regions.

Just to put it in perspective… One serving of the “King Trumpet mushroom” has roughly 27 TIMES more “ERGO” than chicken liver.

Yeah, 2,700% more.

But, like I said, it’s not easy to find these mushrooms in the supermarket.


But even if you CAN get your hands on these specialty mushrooms
(a big IF), there’s still another problem.

See, even though you have an in-built system for absorbing ERGO into your cells once it’s in your bloodstream…

… You still have to absorb it from your digestive system.

And that can be a tricky process.

Which means that you could potentially lose a LOT of the ERGO you eat simply because it doesn’t get into your bloodstream.

That’s actually an issue that plagues so much of the vitamin industry.

I mean scientists at places like the Harvard Medical School looked at how “multivitamins” affected the brain health of 5947 subjects over the course of 12 years and found “no difference” between those who took the vitamins and those who didn’t.

And a lot of that has to do with the fact that most vitamins have such POOR “bioavailability” — meaning they don’t absorb into the body.

So it doesn’t matter how GOOD a supplement or vitamin you take is (even if it contains ERGO)…

… If it can’t actually get INTO your body, none of that matters.

image 7

Which is why a new breakthrough “nanotechnology” based on research from Cambridge University has me so excited…

image 8

Because it ENSURES that whatever you take into your body actually gets absorbed into your cells.

Let me explain how it works.

First, it’s called “liposomal technology.”

And some scientists consider it just as profound a discovery for “cell function” as the double-helix structure of DNA was for genetics.

(So it’s a big deal).

It all starts with something called “liposomes.” You can think of these tiny structures like little “capsules.”

Basically they have an outside layer that STOPS them from getting broken down by your stomach…

… And an inside layer that “traps” in any kind of compound you want to put in it.

So you can fill these “liposomes” up with whatever you want (say ERGO from the Trumpet Mushroom for example).

And this ensures that your body can actually absorb the stuff because the liposomes help protect it from the harsh environment of your stomach.

Does that make sense?

Basically, these “liposomes” are like little capsules designed to get any compound right into your body without any problem.

And they’re a huge breakthrough.

It’s no wonder “liposomes” are often considered the “future” of health technologies.

But that’s not all.

See, “liposomes” are great for getting nutrients past your stomach and into your gut.

The PROBLEM is that “liposomes” are still a little too big to really get absorbed.

See, most nutrients need to be as small as 10 to 20 “nanoparticles” to bypass your gut and get into your body.

And most “liposomes” are 100 to 400 TIMES bigger than that.

See the problem?

Well, that’s why scientists went one step further and created something called a “micelle.” And, stay with me here.

I know we just covered a lot of science.

But it’s CRUCIAL for you to understand what I’m saying for you to see just how big a breakthrough this technology is.

Anyways, “micelles” are super-small capsules that fit INSIDE of the bigger “liposomes.”

You can almost think of the two together like a pomegranate.

On the outside you have the big rough layer of the “liposome.”

And on the inside you have the seeds, or the tiny little “micelles.”

So the “liposomes” carry nutrients past your stomach and into your gut where they ultimately dissolve.

And then your “micelles” (because they’re so small) help carry those compounds right into your bloodstream.

What’s so cool is that these “micelles” literally MIMIC your own biology, which means that they can help your body absorb nutrients up to 800% BETTER.


That’s why so many studies have shown that “micellized” nutrients absorb better than “non-micellized” ones.

And, according to some doctors, they could even be BETTER than IV injections.

Think about that!

image 9

And when you combine micelles and liposomes with something like ERGO, you get something really special.

Because while the “liposomal technology” makes sure that ERGO gets past the harsh environment of your stomach…

And the “micelles” make sure it gets into your bloodstream…

Your body’s own ERGO “transporters” make sure it actually gets into your cells and vital organs like the brain…

… Ensuring the MAXIMUM possible benefit.

It’s a beautiful 3-step process.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about a small team of Colorado health researchers who were OBSESSED with finding a way to combine this new “nanotechnology” with the recent discoveries about ERGO.


I just had to contact them myself to get more information…

This breakthrough technology could revolutionize brain health!

When I finally got through to the head of the research department, here’s what he told me:

First, they started with that King Trumpet mushroom I mentioned earlier (the one with the highest concentration of ERGO).

Like I said, these are REALLY hard to find because of how hard they are to grow.

I mean they have to be grown under very specific temperatures…

And colonized for weeks at a time…

Which is why they cost as much as $20 per pound, roughly 15 TIMES more than the average mushroom.

So just getting these mushrooms isn’t easy.

But that’s nothing compared to the next step.

Because once you have these King Trumpet mushrooms you have to turn them into a purified extract…

And then you have to carefully “implant” this extract right into the middle of those little “micelles” I mentioned earlier.

And then package them AGAIN into the bigger “liposomes.”

As you can imagine, this is a very complicated, technical, and time-consuming process.

However, this team of researchers were so excited about the potential of combining these two breakthroughs that they kept working on this project…

And after a LONG period of trial and error, they eventually “cracked the code.”

Now, just to give you a sense of what we’re dealing with here…

This “technology” they came up with is protected by over 50 DIFFERENT PATENTS.

Crazy, right?

But they didn’t stop there.

No, not only did they manage to blend the “longevity vitamin” ERGO with this Cambridge-backed “nanotechnology…”

But they went one step further and actually added a super-complex of 4 MORE mushrooms which not only also have high levels of ERGO…

… But also each support a different function of the brain.

turkey tail

For example, they added the incredible Trametes Versicolor mushroom, which is also known as the Turkey Tail mushroom because of its beautiful color.

It’s long been used in traditional Japanese medicine because it contains a ton of powerful antioxidants…

Things like “polysaccharides” which have been shown to support memory function…

And “beta-glucans” which help support your brain by regulating the gut-brain axis.

But where the “Turkey Tail” mushroom REALLY shines is when it comes down to helping with something called Acetylcholinesterase — or what I call the “brain fog” enzyme.

This is important because this enzyme basically KILLS OFF the Acetylcholine (ACh) in your brain, which is a neurotransmitter essential for memory and learning.

So the fact that it goes after ACh is ESSENTIAL for feeling sharp and having focus.

And considering that one in-vitro study found that this Turkey Tail mushroom BLOCKED this “brain fog” enzyme by as much as 60%…

… Getting more of it in your diet is REALLY important.

Now in addition to the King Trumpet and Turkey Tail mushrooms…

The team also added a purified extract from the Maitake mushroom
— often called the King of the Mushrooms.

This mushroom is so important because it’s a powerful “adaptogen” — meaning that it helps the BODY respond positively to stress.

And I don’t know if you know this or not…

But scientists recently uncovered a DIRECT LINK between stress levels and poor cognitive function…

Which just makes sense, right?

I mean whenever I’m stressed out I find it so much harder to focus.

Maybe that’s something you’ve noticed too…

Well, one scientist even labeled this effect the “vicious cycle of stress”…

Because when you get stressed your brain doesn’t work as well… which can make you even more stressed… which just repeats the whole cycle.

That’s why getting more of an adaptogen like “maitake mushroom” into your daily routine is so important for overall brain health.

Those are just 3 out of 5 “super-mushrooms” that this team added into the final solution.

And trust me, the other two are just as powerful.

(In fact, one might actually help to support the brain during the process of creating new cells).

maitake mushroom

Now, the team I mentioned earlier could have just stopped there.

After all, they’d already done something that NO ONE else has done before.

But no, they decided to take it even ONE STEP FURTHER and make sure that this ERGO and super-mushroom complex actually tasted like chocolate fudge.


I mean it’s that delicious.

And this means that ANYONE can enjoy it, even if you don’t like mushrooms.

Instead, you can just take it straight from a spoon…

Mix it into a homemade, chocolate-banana smoothie…

Or blend it up in a chocolate protein shake.

And you can do this ALL while knowing that you’re supporting against brain fog, boosting your recall, and fortifying the function of your brain on a CELLULAR level.

I mean, it kind of doesn’t get any better than that.


Which is why I couldn’t be more proud to be the first to present to you Mushroom MindBoost.

It’s from the brilliant team of researchers at Purality Health (who have now become my friends).

They’re the same team of Colorado health researchers who worked tirelessly to create the ultimate ERGO formulation…

One that’s specifically designed to help boost your memory, brain function and recall.

And with more than 8 different “micelle-liposomal products…”

And more than 1000+ verified 5-star reviews…

This small breakthrough health company is taking the world by storm…

Mushroom MindBoost Is HELPING People Wipe Away
Brain Fog, Support Their Memory And Focus, and
HELPING Them Feel So Much More Energized…


“I really like Mushroom Mindboost. It's made such a noticeable difference. I'm much more alert and able to think quickly and clearly even when I don't get enough sleep (which is often)!”

— Kelly Carmen

Age 33


“I bought this product because I needed to strengthen my memory and focus. After taking this supplement, I noticed a HUGE difference in just a few days! I was awake and alert. My brain fog and forgetfulness seemed to vanish! But it wasn’t like the jolt you get from caffeine… more like a clear mind after a good night’s sleep. No jitters, no headaches, no stomach upset. Just energy and the feeling of clarity. I am now telling all of my friends about it!”

— Patricia Jones

Age 52


“I am so SHOCKED by the amazing price of Mushroom Mindboost. I used to take all these mushrooms as individual supplements and was spending hundreds of dollars a month! Thank you Purality Health for this incredible formula that not only works – but is affordable too. I feel so energetic and my brain fog is completely gone!”

— Jenny Lambros

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“I've used Mushroom Mindboost for a month now. I feel more alert and rested when waking, which is a big change for me. My short term memory is better because I can remember my appointments and other commitments without constantly referring to my calendar.”

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“I'm trying to drink less coffee and Mushroom Mindboost did the trick. I mix it with some hot oat milk and it tastes like a coffee shop mocha. Within a few days my energy felt more consistent and I didn't have an afternoon crash after lunch. In the past, I would make another cup of coffee and then struggle to fall asleep at night… but with Mushroom Mindboost, I'm feeling less tired in the mornings, sharper in the workday, and I'm getting better rest when I need it.”

— Sarah Shaffer

Age 37


“I love chocolate, but I'm picky about it. I like dark, rich chocolate, so many "chocolate flavored" products are pretty disappointing. However, this chocolate syrup is pretty delicious. I'm not saying it's the same as squiring Hershey's into your mouth, but it's actually not too far off from that. Unlike Hershey's, though, this product has no added sugar and minimal carbs. It's also fortified with a good mix of adaptogenic mushrooms and a little bit of caffeine. The result is a product that's actually delicious AND makes me feel refreshed and energized!”

— Stephanie Miller

Age 39


“This tastes like chocolate mocha!! I have been getting into the mushroom thing lately, and mainly because my internal guidance has been telling me not because it's some sort of fad. I have never tried a thick mixture like this, and boy, this is really tasty. You just shake it up, and you can put it right into your drink or squeeze it right into your mouth which I prefer. It's really thick and it tastes like chocolate mocha or even like a frosting. It feels like a special dessert!”

— Fern


“This is unbelievable. Had no idea it was possible to make mushrooms taste like this. The mind-boosting ones anyway. And now here's this stuff which tastes more like a rich, exquisite, high-end dessert topper you might find drizzled on a plate at one of Gordon Ramsay's Michelin star restaurants. How something can taste this good still be good for you is amazing. It beats loading up on handfuls of pills and makes getting the health benefits of the mix in here fun and delicious. We've squeezed this stuff on our pancakes, yogurt, cereals, desserts and shakes! To call this just "chocolate flavor" is under-selling it. And, flavor aside, it's absolutely crammed full of great ingredients that are great for you. Even my 8-year-old daughter LOVES it!”

— Allison Kremer

Age 46

And really it’s no surprise, right?

I mean, after all, our bodies were literally DESIGNED to absorb ERGO into our cells…

And considering that so many of us are severely LACKING in the stuff…

It’s fair to say that our brains are probably STARVING for it.

And now there’s a simple solution to get more ERGO into your body without having to spend a fortune on these “specialty mushrooms” or choke them down if you’re not a mushroom lover.

Plus, like I said earlier, my friends at Purality Health also found a way to not only blend a King Trumpet mushroom extract with state-of-the-art “micelle liposomal technology…”

But also blend it with 4 other “super mushrooms.”

Like the Turkey’s Tail mushroom I mentioned earlier that helps to STOP the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain (which is essential for learning and memory).

Or the Maitake mushroom extract which helps your body manage stress better (something that’s essential for protecting brain function).

image 10

They’ve also gone ahead and added
a Red Reishi mushroom extract.

red reishi

Now, Red Reishi is one of the most powerful mushrooms out there, especially for the immune system.

In fact, at least one doctor has gone so far as to call it “a divine, spiritual, magic kind of mushroom…”

Which is pretty high praise - and it’s not the kind of “woo woo” language you normally get from doctors, so you know this must have really impressed him.

What’s REALLY so special about Red Reishi though…

Is that it’s been shown to promote “neurogenesis” (or the creation of new neurons) in at least one in-vitro study.

While another similar study showed that it could support the structural integrity of certain neurons.

Pretty amazing, right?

But it gets even better.

Because they don’t just use the “mushroom cap” of Reishi…

(The part you normally think of when you think of mushrooms).

Instead, they use what’s called the “mycelium.”

These are like the “roots” of mushrooms…

… And they form a vast, underground network that connects mushrooms and plants together.

Some scientists even call it “Earth’s Internet.”

In fact, new studies show that this network allows mushrooms to “talk” to each other…

… Almost like neurons do in the brain.

Which is so cool, right?

Because it’s almost like the connectivity between these mushrooms matches the connectivity of the brain.

It’s no wonder, then, that they’re such powerful brain boosters.

But it doesn’t stop there

Because the team over at Purality Health also added another rare “specialty mushroom” known as Antrodia Camphorata, something that’s only found in the remote mountain regions of Taiwan.

This beautiful amber-colored mushroom has over 78 compounds, including some powerful antioxidants like “terpenoids.”

In fact, Antrodia Camphorata has been shown to have some of the HIGHEST levels of triterpenoids (perhaps as much as 20x more than any other mushroom).

Which is why this mushroom is so important for brain health.

Because triterpenoids have been shown to help boost energy levels and combat fatigue…

While at least one animal study has shown that they have the potential to support healthy brain function as we age.

image 11

So think about all that.

First you have this King Trumpet extract which is chock full of ERGO (or the “longevity vitamin” as scientists like to call it) which goes after the brain sludge that causes memory decline.

Then you have Turkey Tail extract which supports your most important “memory transmitter” acetylcholine.

Then you have Maitake mushroom which helps your body manage stress and avoid any related “brain rot…”

As well as Red Reishi which could help support the normal production of NEW brain cells.

And finally you have Antrodia Camphorata which not only helps boost your energy levels but could also help with our memory as we age.

So when it comes to brain health and supporting memory, you literally couldn’t think of a more superior product.

Mushroom MindBoost is

Like I said, it tastes like chocolate — almost like rich chocolatey fudge!

So you can just take a spoonful of it each morning…

Or mix into a chocolate milkshake or smoothie.

And since it’s sweetened with organic glycerine it has ZERO sugar, meaning that even though it tastes delicious it won’t raise your blood sugar or add carbs to your diet.

product 2

I Bet You’re Wondering Just How You Can Get
Your Hands On Mushroom MindBoost.

image 12

And I think you’ll really love this part.

See, make no mistake about it, Mushroom MindBoost is a premium product that can very well command a premium price-tag.

That’s just how it has to be.

I mean, it uses extracts from 5 of the rarest mushrooms on Earth (including King Trumpet mushrooms which can sell for as much as $20 a POUND).

Then, all of these mushrooms are carefully manufactured and processed in a GMP (or Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility…

… Which means they follow the strictest, safest manufacturing standards in the industry.

Finally, every single one of the ingredients is carefully placed into all of those tiny “micelles” and “liposomes” I showed you earlier to ensure MAXIMUM absorption.

It’s a lot. (Something that’s protected by 50 patents).

But my friends at Purality Health don’t care about all this extra work because they’re committed to making the absolute BEST possible product that will ACTUALLY make a difference in people’s lives.

So every single step of their manufacturing process is SPECIFICALLY designed so that YOU get the maximum value out of Mushroom MindBoost.

Of course, all of these extra steps also add up.

Which is why at first it seemed like the absolute LOWEST they’d be able to make Mushroom MindBoost available was for $140.

That’s what it would take just to cover costs.

And while that might seem like a lot at first.

When you compare it to the countless USELESS “memory products” that are out there sucking hundreds of dollars out of the pockets of seniors and giving nothing in return…

Suddenly it doesn’t seem like so much.

product 3 figure

I mean truthfully, can you put a price tag on not having to worry about another senior moment…

or having such crystal-clear focus that you feel like you’re 10 years younger… or just the confidence of knowing that you’re giving your brain what it truly NEEDS to function correctly?

Can you put a price on that?

Of course not.

But I know, based on my own experience and the experience of others, that if you KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mushroom MindBoost would help restore your memory, clarity and focus…

… Then $140 a month would be a small price to pay.

Heck, I know some people would even be willing to pay $200 or even $300.

Of course, you’re not going to have to pay anywhere near $300…

Or $200…

Or even the $140 that we originally thought…

image 14

You see, because you’ve read up to this point so far I can tell that you’re serious about improving your memory and keeping your brain sharp.

I can tell that you understand the importance of this breakthrough discovery of ERGO.

And what a powerful difference it can make for you.

So, because I don’t want you to miss out on this discovery for any reason, for NEW CUSTOMERS only (that means you) my friends at Purality Health have agreed to make Mushroom MindBoost available for just

$44.95 per bottle…

That’s almost $100 off what they’d originally planned for the price to be.

And just $2.99 per day, which is an incredible deal!


But that's not all.

See, one thing Purality Health has noticed is that the longer that you use Mushroom MindBoost, the better your experience can be.

That’s what all of the studies I’ve shown you have suggested…

And that’s what so many of Purality Health customers say as well.

I mean, they even get stories of people who “took a break” from Mushroom MindBoost to see if it actually makes a difference, only to find that their brains felt foggier again… they felt slower… and overall they didn’t think as clearly.

So that’s why most customers like to take Mushroom MindBoost consistently to get the best experience….

And that’s why they’re going to sweeten the deal even more to ensure that you have the absolute best possible experience with Mushroom MindBoost.

This means that, when you order more bottles at once, you can take advantage of what Purality Health calls their “Buy More, Save More” campaign…

So when you order a 3-month supply of Mushroom MindBoost you can get it for just $33.75 per bottle…

And when you order a 2-month supply you still get a slightly smaller discount at just $38.25 per bottle.

That’s less than $2.30 per day when you order a 3-month supply!

Think about that!

Think about what a small investment that is (just $2.30 a day) to be supporting the most vital organ in your entire body.

It’s the seat of your entire personality…

All of your emotions…

All of your potential…

And all of your memories.

Your past, present and future all start with having the highest-functioning, sharpest mind possible.

And that’s why my friends at Purality Health are offering (completely risk-free by the way) such an amazing deal today.

They want to ENSURE that saying “yes” is the easiest decision you’ve ever made.

arrow 2

So now all that’s left for you to do is to say “YES” to a sharper
memory by ordering your 3-month supply of Mushroom
(or whatever amount seems right to you).

1 Month Supply

17% Off!


per bottle

Best Value

3 Month Supply

37% Off!


per bottle

Most Popular

2 Month Supply

28% Off!


per bottle

Be Amazed Be Amazed

As long as it's within 180-days of your purchase, you're protected by their industry-leading UNCONDITIONAL guarantee. That means if you don't feel a NOTICEABLE change in your mental sharpness... If words don't seem to be coming to you faster... If you don't find yourself vividly recalling old memories you thought were gone... Or find yourself not having to rely on notes and reminders to get through the day... Simply let them know at info@puralityhealth.com or 1-888-292-8309 that Mushroom MindBoost wasn't right for you, and they'll be HAPPY to return 100% of your investment.

Mushroom Mindboost

INGREDIENTS: Organic Non-GMO Sunflower Oil containing Organic Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin (contains Phosphatidylcholine for Liposomal formulations for bioavailability), Organic Non-GMO Glycerin, Organic Non-GMO Almond Butter, Organic Non-GMO Mushroom Extracts (composed of the following: King Trumpet Mushroom Powder, Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Antrodia Mushroom Powder, Maitake Mushroom Powder, and Reishi Mushroom Powder), Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic and Non-GMO Green Tea Extract (contains EGCG), Less than 0.3% Organic Non-GMO Vitamin E (as D Alpha Tocopherol from Sunflower Oil, an antioxidant to protect flavor and color – used to produce Micelles for bioavailability), Organic Non-GMO Vanilla Extract, and Cocoa Extract.


DIRECTIONS: Take one tablespoon once daily (each bottle contains 15 servings). Dispense onto a spoon or add to water, smoothies, or yogurt. Best taken on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before a meal. Refrigerate after opening.


CAUTION: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Custoner Review
Custoner Review
Custoner Review
Custoner Review

Now I should note that this offer is LIMITED
to only a handful of new customers.

Purality Health is only able to make this offer while they still have stock available…

And with all of the supply chain issues going on, once they do run out of stock it’s hard to say when they’ll get more bottles on the shelves…

Which is just another reason to go ahead and choose the 3-month option now so you don’t find yourself unable to get ahold of Mushroom MindBoost.

And since so many people are choosing that option, stocks really are limited.

But when you order today, you’ll get LOCKED into today’s price no matter how much the price goes up in the future (and it WILL be going up).

Plus, if Mushroom MindBoost doesn’t absolutely AMAZE you with how fast and effectively it restores your mental sharpness and clarity…

180-day guarantee

Simply return your order and let Purality Health's world-class, friendly customer care team know and they’ll return every single dime of your investment to you right away.

No hassle.

No questions asked.

As long as it’s within 180-days of your purchase, you’re protected by their industry-leading UNCONDITIONAL guarantee.

That means if you don’t feel a NOTICEABLE change in your mental sharpness…

If words don’t seem to be coming to you faster…

If you don’t find yourself vividly recalling old memories you thought were gone…

Or find yourself not having to rely on notes and reminders to get through the day…

Simply let them know at info@puralityhealth.com or 1-888-292-8309 that Mushroom MindBoost wasn’t right for you, and we’ll be HAPPY to return 100% of your investment.


If Mushroom MindBoost doesn’t work for you then Purality Health doesn’t WANT your money.

That’s just how they like to do business.

And that’s how they think business SHOULD be done.

Now, this information will be provided on your order page, inside your confirmation email and on their website at puralityhealth.com.

That’s where you can see all of their information, including their address at 2015 Dallas St. in Aurora, Colorado.

And when I say that their customer support team is “friendly,” I really mean that.

Here’s just a couple of compliments they’ve gotten from real customers recently:

“Always a pleasure to deal with Purality,” that’s from Lynn.

“I have spoken with several of your staff members and have always been treated with kindness and respect,” that’s from Sarah.

“Service has been exceptional and accommodating with my computer issues, delivery prompt, well packaged with shipping list; it met all my expectations, as it should have. Thank you!” that’s from Ronald.

And they just go on and on.

I mean Purality has nearly 500 verified 5-star reviews JUST for their service alone.


And it’s not just the exceptional service that their customers love.

It’s also the fact that they give back to you.

That’s why a portion of all sales that Purality makes goes towards Feeding America, which helps feed the more than 11 million children and 5.4 million seniors facing hunger in the U.S.

AND they donate a portion of all sales to Cornerstone, which offers housing, counseling and other services to those caught up in dangerous domestic situations.

So now you can do something good for yourself…

While also helping those in need.

feeding america

And it’s why now you have
absolutely nothing to lose…

You’re getting the absolute BEST deal on Mushroom MindBoost for simply taking the time to read this whole page…

Plus, you get an even BIGGER discount when you order the 2-month or 3-month package.

And since you’re protected by an unconditional, 180-day guarantee, you’re protected no matter what happens.

Look, you can read all of the science I’ve shared with you…

And all the countless testimonials…

But the only way you’ll really know whether or not Mushroom MindBoost works as well as I say it does is just to try it for yourself.

And since you’re protected either way, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t say “yes” or even just “maybe” today.


Now, the way I see it, you have
two options in front of you.

One, is the path that you’ve already been taking.

It’s the path you already know.

The one full of uncertainties about the future…

The constant brain fog and fatigue…

The frustration and embarrassment when you can’t remember things the way you want to…

And the anxiety of worrying about your memory just getting worse.

I’m not trying to be harsh.

But if you don’t take any action today, that’s likely the path you’ll continue down.

And the truth is that there’s simply no way for things to change unless YOU make a change first.

image 15
image 16

Which is why I want to invite you
down a different path.

One that looks a lot different than the one you’re used to.

One where you feel your memory come back ALIVE like someone flipped the breaker for all the lights inside your house…

Where you feel sharper… faster… more confident.

Where the “cobwebs” clear away…

Where you find yourself recalling old memories you didn’t even know you had.

And where things just feel easier… brighter… more enjoyable.

That’s the promise I make to you when you say “yes” (or even just “maybe”) to Mushroom MindBoost today.

It’s what countless other seniors have experienced for themselves.

And it’s the path I hope you take today too.

I can’t wait for you to experience the change you’ll feel with Mushroom MindBoost.

And I can’t wait to hear your own transformation story.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Patrick.


How do I take Purality Health® Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost?

Our Mushroom Mindboost comes in an easy-to-take liquid form. One tablespoon equals one serving. Our formula is water-soluble, meaning you can add it to any liquid, such as water. You can add it to a glass, take it right off the spoon, or add it to your smoothie, oatmeal, or any other recipe you’d like! Mushroom Mindboost is best taken on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before a meal.

What are the main benefits of Purality Health® Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost?

The five mushrooms included in our Mushroom Mindboost formula all contain unique bioactive compounds that can help support the health of the immune system, brain, heart, gut, and more. Our technology protects these important molecules from breakdown in the digestive tract so that you get the most out of every dose.

Where is this supplement made?

Our Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost formula is crafted inside an FDA certified, GMP compliant lab in California, USA using domestic and imported ingredients that you can trust. Our product has been tested and is heavy metal free, Prop 65 compliant, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Who can benefit from Purality Health® Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost?

Studies indicate that the distinctive bioactive compounds found in turkey tail, antrodia camphorata, king trumpet, reishi, and maitake can not only support an overall healthier lifestyle, but also reduce the risk of and potentially even treat disease.

Anyone looking to reach their health potential, feel energized, boost memory and cognition, support their heart, and reinforce their immune system could benefit from this supplement.

What is liposomal delivery?

Liposomes are lipid molecules. Think of them as tiny bubbles made out of the same material as cell membranes. They’ve been proven to be highly efficient in delivering drugs and nutrients to where they need to go within the body.

Our patented liposomal delivery system protects the unique mushroom compounds from the acid in your stomach, allowing them to pass through your digestive system fully intact. They shield and shuttle the nutrients to your intestinal wall where they can be readily absorbed and used by your body.

How often should I take this supplement?

Take one tablespoon of Purality Health® Liposomal Mushroom Mindboost once daily. Simply add it to a glass, take it right off the spoon, or add it to your smoothie, oatmeal, or any other recipe you’d like! Mushroom Minboost is best taken on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before a meal.

Speaking of the guarantee,
how does that work again?

Well, it couldn’t be easier.

If you don’t notice a SIGNIFICANT and NOTICEABLE change in your memory, recall and overall concentration, then simply let us know at

And remember, if Mushroom Mindboost doesn't work as well as I say it does, you're always covered.